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"Rīgas Stila un modes profesionālās vidusskolas audzēkņu profesionālu prasmju attīstība un pilnveide""Rīgas Stila un modes profesionālās vidusskolas skolotāju profesionālo prasmju attīstība un pilnveide"
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project “Professional skills development and completion of Riga Style and Fashion Vocational School students " and "Professional skills development and completion of Riga Style and Fashion Vocational School teachers"is to develop professional competence - knowledge and skill level, experience, creativity, activity, knowledge socialization. It is necessary to invest a lot of work to become a competent professional ,who in his work skillfully combines style and beauty. As a result the main professional aim is achieved. For teachers the main aim is to improve pedagogical and practical skills, to aquire new teaching methods, both- practical and theoretical, also the application of new technologies, and to see how the lessons are organized in foreign countries comparing ti Riga Style and Fashion Vocational School.Tasks will be accomplished with the help of our partnership members from schools and companies, where during a three-week practical work our students from different specialities will improve their professional and social competences. At the same time it is also further development and improvement of all partnership schools. Every partnership school has got some special gadgets, different tools, different materials and they use more advanced technologies, new techniques and modern working methods. All schools have good partners with real work places in saloons to ensure practical work. It will be a great opportunity for our students to work at beauty salons with foreign clients and our teachers to get new experience in foreign schools.The aim of the project for hairdressers, dressmakers, tailors, clothes designers, visual image and cosmetics (beauty therapy) specialities’ students and teachers is the following: - to acquire the latest techniques and practical skills working with new technologies ; - to improve professional knowledge and communication skills in practical work with clients; - to get acquainted with new techniques, materials and working methods;- to develop own professional career planning in future in order to integrate in labour market;- to promote communication and improve foreign language usage skills in multicultural environment. The realization of this project is very important and really necessary for Riga Style and Fashion Vocational School because nowadays students of different specialities get better opportunities to develop new practical skills while acquiring their professions and getting acquainted with modern technologies of foreign countries, the latest fashion and design (photo and multimedia) tendencies, also get acquainted with practical qualification demands in the European Union. That would be also a great opportunity to develop the social competencies – skills to work in a team, to solve the problem situations independently, to improve communication skills and finally to get better promotion chances in a labour market.



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