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Ride a smile
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Smiling teraphy is an innovative approach in education with the aim to lead people toward a positive actitude to life. Positive thinking, stress release, acceptance, mindfullness are all very actual themes in education and teraphy. Through this training course 27 youth workers, trainers and educator will experiment what's the meaning and effects of smiling teraphy and will reflect on its use in youth work. This training course will involve 2 trainers + 2 support staff and 27 participants coming from Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania and The Netherlands with a specific background in youth education particolary focused on the involvement of young people with disabilities. Objective of this training is to let participants aquire knowledge on smile teraphy, increase their intercultural competences, find new and innovative approach in youth education, share good practices in youth work, discover application of smile teraphy in the work with disadvantage people. Through this project we aim also to enlarge our network of collaboration and to spread training opportunities in Europe through the Erasmus+ programme. Experimental learning and non-formal educationn are the frame and methods of this training. Participats will practically experiment the potential of the clown techniques in their personal and professional lives. As result of the project the group will build a toolkit with material and outcomes of the training to be used also as dissemination handout. All participants will be encouraged to develope an event/training/workshop at local level using the toolkit.



8 Participants partenaires