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Revitalisation of former brown coal mining areas / Development of a transnational computer-aided multicriteria decision aid for mining regions (REVITAMIN)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The REVITAMIN project, the revitalisation of mining regions, is aimed at upgrading and developing landscapes after mining activities have ceased. The first priority of the project is transnational co-operation and extensive knowledge and experience transfer as the structural and landscape changes provide many challenges, particularly for mining regions. Regardless of individual issues concerning mining, each region has to develop innovative, cost-saving and sustainable methods for landscape protection. Consequently, this project was geared towards the development of new interregional methods of landscape protection and the reutilisation and further development of mining regions. The project team has developed an information and co-operation network for mining regions with a transnational computer-aided, multi-criteria decision tool and databases. The results will encourage representatives of public administrations, regional planning bodies and the different stakeholders and associations to go ahead with the revitalisation of mining areas. Achievements: The REVITAMIN project provided detailed descriptions of economic and endogenous potentials, and social and infrastructural features of mining regions. A multi-criteria decision tool for the assessment of registered data was developed to assist in the decision on whether the described spatial unit is suitable for the planned use or whether there are any restrictions or constraints. Various general thematic information databases were compiled as an extension to the multi-criteria decision tool. Present strategies of regional development related to spatial and topical requirements and the integration of mine reclamation planning into regional planning were assessed. The project compiled an overview of best-practice examples to show different ways and methods of landscape protection and innovations in revitalisation. The project has conducted a pre-feasibility study with a concept of structural development in a mining area including proposals and options for economic or tourist and leisure activities. Concepts for the transregional display of mining activities and regions for educational and tourism purposes were developed to enhance the image of mining regions. Further effects achieved by the project were the transnational experience exchange to provide information on successfully implemented revitalisation projects and to secure inspiration for new innovative ideas. The participation in a European information and co-operation network for mining regions also provided opportunities for the creation and development of individual partnerships for future projects.



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