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Reunion Health Youth THinking Movement - RHYTHM
Date du début: 15 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 14 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The initiative Reunion Health Youth Thinking Movement (RHYTHM) is a youth exchange that will take place in Cardito (NA) and involve six countries (Italy, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Germany and Romania). The young people taking part in the initiative are thirty and mostly are students, young workers or unemployed, aged between eighteen and twenty-five. Starting from the concept of rhythm, considered as a force that marks the life of the person and the environment, young people will compare each other through cultures (each country has different rhythms and styles), will observe the social rhythms, those related to the earth, to stars and at last the music rhythm. We often don't pay attention to these perpespectives and how they determine our life. The man, however, seems to have forgotten, this bond with the biological rhythms so as to have behaviors that go against the trend. Just think of the rhythms that society imposes or the effect of pollution that alter the cycles of the seasons. The rhythm is therefore a good key that allows the comparison of different peoples that although they are different, all are subject to the only law of biological rhythms. Participants will wonder: what does determin the rhythm of life of a people? ... Climate, traditions, work, etc ... How many are just stereotypes? With the blend of European populations, can we talk in the future about a unique European rhythm? Obviously rhythm also means music. In addition to compare various life styles, participants will discuss also the rhythms of traditional folk music with running appropriate music workshops. The project will last nine days and includes: ice-breaking, cultural evenings, excursions, laboratories, workshops, comparisons, debates, evaluation and follow-up. Participants are young people with a strong interest in European issues and that want to get involved. It is expected that the project will contribute to the spread, both locally and internationally, the European values and it could stimulate the active citizenship of young people in particular. Special attention will be given to follow up in view of results spread and the development of future initiatives with young people.



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