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REthinking Sport to Enhance Talents: lifelong sporting
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project was born from the desire to create a link between the world of education and the labor market, with reference to the professional categories working in the organization of sporting events. In the education ,in particular, the latest provisions of the Council of Ministers expect that the school will give more space to the topic of Sports. In fact, with the Presidential Decree No. 1 of 09/01/2014 the Government has (introduced an educational enhancement in sports) enhanced sports training institutionalizing its educational and social value and setting up, for the first time, a strongly vocational course. In recent years many agencies specialized in the conception and organization of sporting events were born in Italy and in the international scene; public sport organizations, Olympic Committees, Federations, sponsoring companies, in fact, outsource the production of events to private companies dealing with all phases of implementation: - Conception and planning; - Fundraising, budgeting, reporting; - Marketing and public relations; - Logistics and security management. The project aims to integrate students’ education through the learning of skills that are not covered in the school curriculum but which are highly required by companies working in the field. The agencies / companies organizing sports events infact are in need of a qualified staff able to respond to a twofold requirement: on one side a cross specialization in the field of sport (including different disciplines and their target audiences) and on the other, technical skills and ability to coordinate the individuals who make up the work team and who contribute to the success of a sporting event consisting either of a single or multiple races or events. Following the thrust from the market demand, , through this project, the participating schools aim to develop the new professional profile of SPORTS EVENTS PLANNER. This professional figure, present for many years in the U.S. market and increasingly in demand in Europe, in fact, has not yet found a corresponding educational offer in the Italian schools. Building a sporting event implies the involvement of various professionals who are required to work together in an integrated process. For this reason, the type of training required by the project (VET learners in companies) is structured according to two criteria: 1) the involvement of institutions organizing events in different sporting areas (eg, sailing, football, water polo, swimming, scuba diving, volleyball, bowling, athletics sports, gymnastics, cycling, ice hockey, handball, rowing) so that students can take part in a wide range of activities; 2) the involvement of students in learning skills and abilities related to all phases and activities of a sporting event. At the end of the mobility, students will organize a real public sporting event in the former athletic field of CONI in Latina with the participation of a selection of athletes from all the Schools of the DEURE Lazio involved in the project. Students will be divided into sports planners teams and will work in a coordinated manner for the successful implementation of the sporting event which is the main output of the project. The overall assessment of the students' participation in the project will take into account the results of the ongoing monitoring based on 4 sheets focused on the learning levels of technical and professional skills, as well as the active contribution to the event. Evaluation, validation, transfer and recognition of credits for learning into school and extra school credits will be made by the teachers assisted by the Coordination Group of the project. One hundred fifty students aged 17/18, attending the fourth and fifth classes and coming from a Sport High School, a Tecnhnical a Vocational, a Commercial and Scientific School will be selected to participate in the project. The selection, which is preceded by a notice published by the Sending Partners, will be made according to the criteria of merit and personal motivation. Fifteen teachers, one out of every ten students, given the prevalence of underage students, will accompany the students. Total number of Sending Partners: 8 Total number of Participating Organisations: 20 Total number of beneficiary students: 150 Total number of accompanying teachers: 15 Length of mobility: 3 weeks Partner countries: Italy, Germany, Malta, Slovenia, Spain



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