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Rethinking EU Competences?
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project’s primary aim is the organisation of the 14th session of the Dubrovnik seminar and conference under the title “Rethinking EU Competences?” The event will enable the exchange of knowledge and creation of new ideas about the delimitation of competences between the EU and its Member States in different policy areas. It will bring together professors, scholars, students, practitioners, policy-makers and civil society representatives into a unique forum of the Dubrovnik Inter-university Centre, thus enabling the cross-fertilisation of the ideas and fostering the dialogue between academia, policy-makers and the civil society.The background for the chosen topic is the long-lasting political, economic and identity crisis in Europe, which brought again to the focus of interest the crucial question for the future of the EU: what do we want/need the EU for? The conference and the seminar will look into the question whether and, if so, how should EU competences be redesigned. It will also look into the processes and actors that are involved in the (re)definition of competences and question their role within this process.The main outcome of the project - newly created knowledge - spreads beyond the main event. New teaching and research is demonstrated not only during the conference and the seminar, but it will also be disseminated and exploited in the curricula and research projects of the University of Zagreb and academic institutions in the Western Balkans, the EU and the US. The longstanding cooperation with transatlantic partners will offer a comparative angle and bring an added value to the discussion and reflection on delimitation of competences. Young researchers, policy makers and civil society members will acquire new knowledge and ideas relevant for their academic and professional life. The gathering together of academics with policy makers and civil society activists will foster their dialogue after the end of the event thus enhancing EU governance.