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Rethinking Democratic Awareness and Collective Responsibility for a whole-school approach.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The purpose of DEMOKLEOS is, after its lifetime to have empowered and inspired, as a beautiful flower, educational community about Democratic Awareness and Collective Responsibility, both fundamental to a quality European school. Mainly to be a weapon against misguided trends affecting the prosperity of European Democracy: hate crimes, racism, discriminations, political and social extremism ,all of them, threats to social wellbeing as well as to respect the European values. It is important to identify the forms of these threats in social discourses in order to implement the best practices in European schools. The partnership offers a multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach to EU citizenship, taking the heterogeneous rather than homogeneous character of DEMOCRATIC AWARENESS as point of departure. It brings together a wide spectrum of international professional expertise on its topics and goals together with engaged, teachers, even from less or more disadvantaged areas of secondary education. DEMOKLEOS underlines the urgent need of prevention and early reaction, at grass-roots level in schools schools and the implementation of a Conflict and Consensus communication-based training concept, in the curriculum through formal and non- formal learning activities. Investigating Democratic Key Competences for teacher professional development, the project focuses on research and practice in education for young people and in training for teachers, the development of basic and transversal skills, such as leadership, e-democracy skills, learning to learn, Networking etc. , using innovative and student-centered pedagogical approaches. To promote better governance, and generate learning about its main purposes, DEMOKLEOS works at two levels: local innovation and experimentation in the involved pilot schools. DEMOKLEOS will empower even pupils with fewer opportunities with necessary and attractive training activities and project materials to be presented in a humorous and creative in order to making re- engagement to DEMOCRACY more attractive to young users. It will give freedom to use any means of expression pupils saw fit for them, resulting in an eclectic collection of written texts, photo, video and audio narrations, comic strips, poetry. The stories will offer an image of a vibrant, multifaceted Europe, recounting experiences of commitment to Collective responsibility, different ways of working together, new ways of living, and new visions of the world. The Network of DEMOKLEOS aims to promote human rights, citizens’ participation and political literacy issues. The key team will run practical seminars and workshops combining theoretical input on project methodology with practical tasks and introducing the virtual Open Agora of DEMOKLEOS as an experience exchange platform for professional development and children’s creativity.



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