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Date du début: 31 mars 2010, Date de fin: 31 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The central theme of the project Tourisme Environnement Ports recreational boating and its development, in particular through the networking of the marinas and the adoption of innovative tools to enhance the attractiveness of the tourist port and dry port and increase the environmental sustainability of ports.The project involves all partner regions of Italy-France Maritime Crossborder Programme but, given the particular issue of reference, the areas most affected will be those where there are marinas and their immediate hinterland.The overall project objective is to create an integrated system of governance of the marinas in the area, particularly aimed at achieving high environmental standards and uniform high quality of tourism throughout the country.The main target of the project are the boaters / tourists who use the services, not only tourism, made available to the ports and the hinterland. Next to them, are recipients of the Project and the activities it intends to achieve, even all those service providers in the area of ​​inland marinas and matching, as well as the resident population for which there are positive effects in terms of environmental quality and economic development possible.The activities are divided into two sub-projects relate to increasing the attractiveness of marinas, by improving the quality of services to the nautical tourism sustainable and eco-friendly. In the first sub-tasks are included to improve the quality of the marinas from the environmental point of view, and some of these activities are related to research activities included in the strategic project "Innautic".In the second sub-project contains the activities to facilitate the boaters / tourists in his journey to the project, trying to enhance and invigorate the offerings of the marinas. Expected Results:  Improving environmental management systems of the harbors, consistent with the results and products of simple project Mistral, which develops studies and experiments in this regard  Ensure the preservation of the same through the sharing of environmental standards and indicators of environmental excellence by all partners in the cross-border  Increase the number and quality of social infrastructure for marine and related services and environmental sustainability  Mapping of ports and services and balancing the supply of services in support of sustainable marine tourism in the whole area of the program  Networking of information for boaters, through the implementation of the portal created in Innautic strategic project, with regard to services to boaters  Integration of partners aimed to bring visibility common services and integration of distribution channels, tourism, culture and food, including the interoperability of information systems present  Creation of thematic itineraries are interrelated and reception arrangements in ports, through the exhibition areas and / or multimedia systems  Constant monitoring of arrivals / admissions and destinations, as a basis for development strategies  Enhancement of the internal areas  Development of concerted and shared port activities with a breakdown of the marinas' win-win "of tourism in and around the marinas



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  • 2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)
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