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Retail in Rural Regions 3.4 (RRR)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2008, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Retail in Rural Regions is a three year project targeted to the benefit of shops in rural areas. The overall objective is improved service quality in small communities by supporting the survival, development and growth of rural retail shops. By that the project is enhancing economical growth of the regions. The project purpose is to provide and sustain tailor made support for rural shops. This support will be offered by for this purpose trained professionals on the regions but also by utilizing the transnational network of professionals. Final product will be a Triple R model adapted and implemented in NPP regions. The main activities of the project are joined activities for mapping the needs of the shops, defining the main characteristics of the service, building the service, training the service providers and implement the service on pilot areas. The project covers most of the NPP area: Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands but also Sweden and Norway as the associated partners come from there. The partnership is a combination of research, public services and private institutions. Achievements: November 2009 The mapping of participating retailers needs is (almost) completed Regional networks have been identified and activated -> Round Tables are activated and Strategic Retail Centre formulation is in process Virtual learning platforms are in use Work has commenced in creating multi-functional models by providing relevant support and by using the advantages of a transboundary project Project information material has been sent to relevant regional actors and shopkeepers. As further actions, project has been presented in different regional medias (in newspapers, TV, Nora publication..) and in face-to-face meetings, exhibitions and trainings. Products and services:Title: Triple R Model A business support service package including regional support networks, training contents, consultation services and an e-learning platform to assist rural shopkeepers in their development. The e-learning platform includes material for example on following topics: business planning & development, finance, human resources, marketing, management, merchandising.More information see:, http://www.rrr-project.netTitle: Retail Consultation A consultation service, delivered on-site in face-to-face meetings and/or via phone, email and/or internet, for rural retailers by finding and combining needed information and giving recommendations based on the specific needs of the retailers, e.g., on stock control solutions, reservation systems, funding possibilities, web shop solutions, marketing mix, planning of new services & products, etc. The service can furthermore include mentoring, networking, development plan drafting and information retrieval.More information see: Retail Networking A networking service supporting rural retailers, in particular for start-up and early start-up retailers, in finding suitable cooperation models and partners (e.g., suppliers, providers of other services that interlink with retailers business e.g. tourism industry, regional actors) and by organizing events for retailers to meet each other. It can be as simple as arranging a networking event, it can be the natural outcome of a training session or seminar or it can be more specific match-making in finding a suitable partner, for example, for joint purchases.More information see: Retail Training A tailor-made (face-to-face and/or via distance/e-learning) training service to improve the competence levels of rural retailers and their staff based on a needs analysis done for each retailer, either by guiding them towards suitable training providers or, when there is no appropriate training available, by organizing a tailor-made training.More information see: E-Learning platform A web-based information platform on rural retailing, which includes training materials as well as practical information on rural retailing such as advice on new products, services and legislation, training provision, events etc.More information see: Support to improve management of Rural shops Training and consultancy service on information and service management, marketing and business surveys, internal organisation of the shop and financial management tested in a pilot project with 35 rural shopkeepers.More information see: Retail development programme A development program, delivered through a series of training workshops and one-to-one mentoring, with the aim to improve service quality in small communities by supporting the survival, development and growth of rural retail shops and, through this, enhance the economic growth of the regions.More information see: Retail consultancy module A consultancy service, delivered through a series of meetings between a student project team and retailers, on a specific area of business improvement which was identified after a retail analysis.More information see: Retail tourist products New product range for tourists offered by rural retailers that enables the stores to become more multifunctional, get more customers, and increase sales. For tourists and visitors, this will also increase service levels and the possibility to visit the rural areas.More information see: Training materials accessible on CRN website An online library of training resources including courses, seminars, information and learning materials, which are available to retailers allowing staff in remote rural areas to access training online.More information see:, Model of training using videoconferencing A training course using videoconferencing which can be accessed via a personal PC or Learning Centre allowing retailers in remote rural areas to access training online.More information see:, Formation of Skillshop for Retail Training with Highland, Moray & islands Skillshop A series of training modules delivered online and in venues in the area on customer care and other topics relevant to retail and tourism addressing the challenge of skills shortage in community-owned stores. More information see:, Partnership with Social Enterprise Academy to run Social Enterprise Leadership training A week-end training programme bringing together social enterprises involved in retailing for a social enterprise leadership training addressing the lack of leadership skills in the community retailing sector.More information see:, Co-operation and exchanges with Merkur Programme Staff exchange, study visits and information/training materials for store managers from Norway and Scotland. More information see:,



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