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RESPONSE-able: From Empathy and Awareness to Action
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The application is focused on one Activity. This is a training programme that will take place over seven days in March 2017 in Cork with 32 people involved.Countries involvedIrelandnetherlandsHungaryUKThe training is coordinated by CIT CCAD but will offered to Irish youth worker/ young leaders across the country both from youth work Ireland and other youth organisationsThe training will provide a space to build skills, competencies, motivation and methodological approaches for Youth workers organisations who engage young people to nurture competencies of young people to enable them to grow a responsible, critically engaged and critical Global Citizens.THEMESThe engagement and exploration in the themes of .-Empathy-Awareness -ability to take action for change as key competences of Young global citizens.-the power of creativity to support the development of these competence.-How to nurture this competences in practices with young people.OBJECTIVES-To support youth workers to nurture young people’s sense of and understanding of active global citizenship-to support young people-To explore the power of creativity to nurture empathy awareness and other competences of young global citizens-To equip youth workers with facilitation skills and project design skills to support young people to take creative actions for change-To nurture youth workers own creativity and confidence in their creativity to enable them to support young peoples creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.METHODSthe pedagogical approach to the training aims to provide the learner • Deep learning experience exploring personal values, attitudes and behaviours.• Personal experience building on own experience and resources and learning goals• Practical learning experience, building confidence to apply learning to practice.• Peer learning• Creative learningThe practical skills based elements will provide specific tools to put the learning into action with young people (hands)RESULTS IMPACTSThe project aims to impact on the organisations involvedBy increasing motivation and confidence of youth workers to work creatively with young people and to engage them with Global Justice themesThe programes methodology seeks to support changes in knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and behaviours, considering the following mindsets to be important: critical /bigger picture thinking; empathy; imagination; awareness; curiosity; positivity; collaborative thinking; ethical awareness and the ability to act for change. The particular innovative and creative approaches facilitate a deep learning and transformative experience for the participantsThe learning and outcomes of the training will be useful for those directly engaging young people who want build the theme of global citizenship in their practice and who also want to develop a more creative approach to their practice both in the youth work field and beyondThe theme of the training related to young people growing as responsible Global citizens is theme that has potential for impact in change of behaviour and attitudes that can spread impact beginning on a personal level and reaching out to local, regional, national, European and/or international levels.The multiplier effect across young people in the partner organizations broadens this impact that begins on a personal level.The dissemination of the project methods and processes through a public blog will allow engagement at a regional, national, European and international levels. The project aims to impact on good youth work practice and also to promote the theme of creative and critically engaged Global citizenship.



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