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Resource Governance and Project Management in International Youth Work; Creating Value for Money
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

According to the report of Council of Europe on 15th of December 1999, it was reiterated by the assembly that formal education alone cannot respond to the challenges of modern society and therefore welcomes its reinforcement by non formal educational practices and it was recommended that member states recognise non-formal education as a de facto partner in the lifelong process and make it accessible to all. The elevation of non-formal education methods largely used in international youth works has attracted various kinds of professionals and young people working in the field of youth. Over the years, there has been a lot of assumptions made about youth workers and youth leaders which are not through in practical sense based on the research and the feedback got by African Centre for Development and Research from January 2014 till August 2014. There was the assumption that youth workers and youth leaders who were able to write project proposals will automatically know how to manage human and financial resources in their projects and experiences have proved otherwise. Also there was the assumption that youth workers and youth leaders will be good project managers. But we have discovered from our research and interview of youth workers that a lot is expected of them without adequate and professional trainings that could help them in the areas of resource governance and project management. A lot of youth workers and youth leaders in voluntary youth sector are driven by passion and sense of determination to help and make society a better place. But zeal can not replace competence. These skills are so fundamental that not only does it help youth workers and youth leaders in the works but it is also the foundational skills for aspiring entrepreneurs. The project gave the participants the needed multifunctional skills to help young people to lead a better life. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT -The project trained 31 youth workers, youth leaders in NGO financial management. -The project trained 31 youth workers in effective project management. -31 youth workers were trained in resource management -The project trained 31 youth workers and youth leaders in key fundamental principles and key skills need for running a sustainable project - The project trained the youth workers and youth leaders in team building and team leading skills which will enable them to manage diversities in their respective teams to the benefit of the project. -The project trained youth workers and youth leaders on quality financial controls mechanisms - The project trained youth workers and leaders in core leadership principles and task delegation using MBI principles - The project trained youth workers on how to avoid common pitfalls in project implementation - The project trained youth workers and youth leaders foundational entrepreneurship principles The participant acquired new understanding and skills on how to manage projects effectively and manage resources effectively both material and human. The project deepened participants understanding on the nature and the different types of project design, understanding how to set SMART objectives in projects and how to utilise tools like SWOT analysis. The participants learnt the necessary skills to train other people on methods of how create projects and manage them effectively. other skills that were learnt during the training was intercultural dialogue, mapping and team leading skills.



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