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Date du début: 31 mars 2010, Date de fin: 31 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Strategic Project RES - MAR is aimed at improving monitoring systems, risk prevention, management of environmental and emergency management, mitigation of pollution related to the environmental compartments water and soil in the area of ​​cooperation.RES MAR is composed of 7 sub-projects and actions of the system from which you intend to bring out the best strategies for cross-border environmental compartments water and soil.The issue of water management and related aspects of monitoring, prevention and mitigation of risk are addressed in the actions of the E and G and F sub by:- Consolidation (information, technology) of a model for the characterization and reservoir management;- Increased knowledge of weather forecasting for the phenomena of hydrogeological and hydrological planning;- Monitoring of the piezometric level of underground water for data acquisition in real-time sampling of the most significant for large industrial customers and drinking water.Coastal erosion of coastlines and state are processed primarily in Action Systems in Sub A and B, which include activities such as:- The creation of a network for monitoring coastal erosion;- Implementation / feasibility of a center for the study of cross-border coastal dynamics.D and H shares in the main aspect concerns the territorial governance aimed at mitigating the environmental impacts of water and soil of the relevant production activities:- Model for managing issues of waste transfer seasonal (tourism) in coastal areas;- Innovative tools for governance and sustainability of food production clusters.The approach is built on three lines at all stages, to monitoring and prevention, and there is a synergy between the three groups of sub-projects and actions that focus on the same theme (A, B, E, F, G, D, H).The main target of the total shares of the project and target the actions of entertainment and communication, public authorities are responsible for managing water and soil, socio-economic sectors that generate impacts on both the citizens and the "beneficiaries" of territory with its consequences on the two behaviors may create environmental aspects. Expected Results:  comparison and consolidation of models for characterization and management of reservoirs to improve planning  common models for the prevention of the risk of floods and other phenomena of hydrogeological  Increase the knowledge on the quality of groundwater bodies  Systematization and development of historical data  Increased knowledge of weather forecasting for the phenomena of hydro-geological and hydrogeological planning  Develop and implement a common process of governance for the management of civil protection emergencies  Models of a common and shared network for the monitoring of coastal erosion  Sharing methodologies for the study of coastal dynamics  Adoption of devices and protocols  Models transferable management of waste in areas with seasonal tourism  Development of innovative tools for regional governance under the "cluster" food with significant environmental impacts on soil and water sector  Promote participation of local actors in the management of environmental problems and emergencies  Development of a common plan of information, communication and outreach aimed at different "target"



  • 75%   4 500 000,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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