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Research of past, present and FUTUre Lower MARos/Mures River in relation with climatic change and sustainable human management (FUTUMAR)
Date du début: 31 mars 2011, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The general objective of the project:Research of processes along the Maros to model risks of climate change and human management, to strengthen environmental and economic sustainability.Specific objectives:1. Development best practices for environmental management purposes to assess morphological risks along the Maros.2. Mutual know how transfer and joint research activity between the partners of the research project.The main activities of the project are: assessing the past evolution of the Maros/Mures River and its alluvial fan, assessing the recent evolution of the Maros/Mures River, estimating future tendencies and processes, activation of local societies and stakeholdersThe target groups of the project are people living along the Lower Maros/Mures River, environmental and water agencies, National Parks along the river, scientists, undergraduate and postgraduate students, municipalities along the river, people living on the alluvial fan, hydrologists and geologists.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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