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Research cooperation on developing innovative fish feed for promotion of healthy food in the region (Feed-Pro-Food)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2011, Date de fin: 29 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Animal feed research in Serbia is well established and Hungary has significant research background in both animal and human nutrition and it is reasonable to link research on feed quality in Serbia with food quality and health effect research in Hungary. The south-eastern part of Hungary and Vojvodina share the same agro-environmental conditions, with well developed fish production. It is therefore important to introduce a new product, in the form of fish feed with superior physical and nutritional properties, which will be used for producing healthy food. By use of contemporary technological processing, a floating type of fish feed, with added health beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, will be produced and tested in feeding trials with common carp. The quality of fish meat will be assessed in trials with mammalian model animals (rats) and specific physiological effects, having significance in human nutrition, will be evaluated. It is expected that the meat of carp fed newly developed feed will have ratio of omega-3/omega-6 acids narrowed to the marine fish ratio. As common carp is widely consumed in both Hungary and Serbia, this will lower the risk of cardiovascular deceases in the region. Furthermore, by addressing feed and fish quality and production, this project will indirectly enhance the innovative capacity of SMEs in the region. It is expected that the floating feed developed in this project will bring benefits to feed and fish producers through improved income/expense ratio, as this feed will be less expensive and more efficient than the standard feed. Added-value of this project will be a positive environmental effect. As it is possible to monitor the consumption of floating feed by fish, its wasting and decomposition in ponds, and consequent pollution of environment, will be prevented. Achievements: Hungary and Serbia are similar countries in terms of fish production and consumption, but also cardiovascular disease (CVD) rates. In both countries carp is the main cultivated fish, while the CVD mortalities are over 50%. It is well established that consumption of omega fatty acids favourably affects CVD mortality. The main aim of the project was to develop carp feed enriched with omega fatty acids and to increase the amount of these bene



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