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Research and improve – the labour market situation
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our organisation is fighting against the (youth) unemployment, unstable/precarious working conditions, and workers’ (especially precarious workers’) rights. In the last few years we noticed, that the official unemployment rate does not reflect the real unemployment rate in Slovenia, especially among young people. ‘Fictionary’ students, people not included in Employment service, involuntary ‘entrepreneurs’ and other precarious workers are not included into official figures. That in consequence means, that less money in the forms of different public guarantee schemes is foreseen for these groups (in Slovenian framework) and less European funds for unemployed is granted to Slovenia (in European framework). We would like to develop methodology, based on experience of different European organisations. Thus, we would like to acquire certain figures, that could be compared to official ones. Additionally, these results will be presented to decision makers and attempts to change national practice of measuring unemployment rate will be made in future projects. We would start the pressure by publishing gained result and comparing them to the official ones. Our volunteer will be in contact with our international partners, trying to find appropriate methodological tools for research of Slovenian unemployment situation. With the help of these tools we will try to discover real figures on unemployment rate in Slovenia and the rate of involuntary precarious workers. Volunteer will be also engaged in regular activities of our organisation, such as: organisation of National conference on decent work; organisation of annual camp; organisation of round tables, workshops, mostly connected with labour market topics; communication with international partners. He will visit local branches of our organisation; learn Slovenian language; take care for international site of and fb profile of organisation, hang out with members of organisation etc. Volunteer will gain new knowledge, skills and competences, for example: professional competences in the field of labour market; work and analysis of methodological and information tools; project management; communication with international organizations (communication in different languages); corporate and marketing strategy; planning and organization of public events. If our project will be successful, a step towards reduction of unemployment and precarious working relations will be made. Based on results of the project we will continue our activities in this field with our future projects.



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