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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ReMOVEit is a project where body movement is used as a method for social inclusion. The project consists of 2 Activities and it will take place in Ommen, The NetherlandsAdvanced Planned Visit : 25th-26th of October 2016; 18 participants Youth Exchange : 28th of January - 8th of February 2017; 54 participantsAge group for participants will be 18-30 years. Basic criteria for the participants’ profile is their interest in the topic of social inclusion and body movement method. 80% of them will be with fewer opportunities; cultural differences, economic obstacles, geographical obstacles, health problems, social obstacles, disabilityCountries involved: Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Bulgaria, PolandThe objectives of this project are: -To bring together 54 young people, while making sure that 80% of the group is with fewer opportunities -The 54 participants to develop new skills and competences through non-formal learning: body movement sessions, field trips, creative workshops, educational games and performances throughout the whole project.-To create and disseminate 9 performance videos as tangible results of the Youth Exchange.-The 9 partner organizations to broaden their network and acquire new tools and skills in order to address their target group’s need for social inclusion. -Each partner to implement at least one dissemination activity such as workshop, video presentation, performance etc.-To ensure that evaluation happens during the whole project timeline, through 54 Youth-passes, 54 questionnaires (one per participant), 8 interviews (one per partner)During the APV we will meet with the group leaders and participants in order to prepare the YE and the dissemination plan. During the YE the participants will explore the topic of social inclusion through non-formal learning approaches (educational games, brainstorming techniques, icebreakers, field trips, workshops, video presentations, media and performances). The first part of the YE is focused on self-awareness and self-expression, the second part is about communication and cooperation and the third part about performing. All of these approaches are combined with the method of body movement. Through our past projects we have experienced that body movement sessions have a long term impact on participants; they bring awareness on their own behavior and the ways of communication and cooperation with others, enhance self expression, allow the sense of initiative to grow and function as reflection on their learning. The power of body movement comes from the fact that it is a universal language which brings us back to the basics. Through body movement we overcome obstacles caused by differences in language, nationality, religion, gender, culture, educational and social background. Kinesthetic, auditory and visual senses are involved so everybody can be included, fully participate, learn and benefit from it.After the Activity the partcipants will be actvely involved in their local community and their organisations, aware of the possibilities that exist under Erasmus+;, confident, innovative and creative, adaptable and able to operate in intercultural setting. The impact on the partner organisations will be gaining new tools and skills in their youth work, expanding their network, being inspired to organize international Erasmus+ projects, increasing capacity to operate on European level.The impact on the relevant stakeholders will be interaction in intercultural environment, gaining visibility, expanding their network and developing and practicing their skills.The sustainable impact of this project, derived from dissemination activities (media platforms, Cinedans festival, workshops and events), will be the active participation of the young people in their communities and the use of body movement as a method for youth work by the organisations. The desired impact at the local, regional, national, European and international level is that the results of the ReMOVEit project will influence other people in their daily lives.



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