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Remediation of illegal waste dumps and raising awareness of its harm (DIVA)
Date du début: 31 mars 2011, Date de fin: 30 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A major specific objective of the project is to remediate illegal landfills and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the environment on both sides of the border. The project will mainly contribute to the improvement of the quality of soil, groundwater and landscape. In the illegal landfills often toxic wastes are found from which toxins are released into the soil and groundwater and poison them. The problem is particularly pronounced in karst soils that are typical for Istria. With the remediation of illegal landfills and preventing of their formation a very important objective of reducing the risks to human health will be achieved. Inadequate waste disposal in areas of water resources may lead to contamination of drinking water and human health risk. It is expected that the remediation of illegal landfills and the prevention of their formation will also increase the level of biodiversity. Expected Results: Interactive GIS database on illegal landfills, study of population density of certain taxonomic groups in the areas of rehabilitation before and after remediation of illegal waste landfills, a study on the transmission of dangerous diseases through certain taxonomic groups, manufacture technical measures on the ecosystem in which the tip is present due to the influence of illegal waste landfills in endangered species and their habitats, the inventory of invasive species before and after remediation of illegal waste landfills, plan for the restoration of illegal landfills, the revised inventory and remediation of illegal open landfills in Istria, illgal landfills cleaned, cameras for surveillance and prevention of re-tipping of waste, special offers waste collection and treatment campaigns, trim trail, children's playground, elements of urban equipment, inclusion of children and youth in the organization rehabilitated wild dumps, green Islands, project documentation for waste disposal, promotion materails, presentations, workshops, lectures, ekoquizies for children, press conference, publicity



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  • 2007 - 2013 Slovenia - Croatia (SI-HR)
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