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ReLoved - Creative guide to upcycling
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth exchange “ReLoved – Creative Guide for upcycling” was held in Alsótold Hungary between 9-19 July 2015. This village is located in North Hungary the county called „Nógrád”. The members of the village are around 230, so this project was huge and special event for the villagers. The accommodation was called „Toldi Ház”. That institution used to be a school before, but because of subpopulation it had to be closed. Toldi Ház is run by an NGO – Kontakt Alapítvány - and they do their best to create a fully equipped accommodation for groups. During the program in the workshops and sessions we used creative recycling as a tool to develop life skills. The method of learning by experience was combined with a creative process, most of the time in an international environment. During this process we gave a new life to waste materials. We used modern household waste materials that were found in each family, from these will born unique objects like accessories, wallets, bags, furniture, musical instruments or board games. The participants were selected from seven different countries and associations. They were: AJ Intercambia (ES), Be International (CZ), SYNERGY Romania (RO), Agora Aveiro (PT), Stowarzyszenie "Nasz Lag - nasza wies (PL), YMCA Parthenope (IT), ReCreativity (HU). There were 42 participants including group leaders and mentors from each country. The outcome of the program was that all the participants went to a high secured prison which was located in Balassagyarmat (34km to our accommodation) on that purpose that they held a workshop for well-behaved prisoners. After that day they have organised an open workshop for the citizens of Balassagyarmat. In this way they showed and shared the knowledge what they have learnt in the program. They created a local impact during the program. Still we get notifications from the former participants that all the input they got at Alsótold it has changed their lives.



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