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Rehearsal for Life
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Concrete Results of the project- A team of 24 multipliers in forum and image theatre; - 9 teams of 6 young volunteers that will develop skills in forum theatre as a tool for social change- At least 27 local projects that are using Forum Theatre as a tool for social change- At least 1080 direct beneficiaries of the local projects based on forum theatre- A manual translated in various European languages that will represent a best practice for other organizations The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of youth work sector to raise the participation and involvement of young people in social processes and change;More specific Objectives of the project are:• To introduce innovative methodologies in youth work field; • To raise the capacity of partner organizations to operate at European level and in international mobility projects;• To stimulate the exchange of best practices in youth work field;• To increase the quality of the youth organization projects;• To develop and improve skills in non-formal education in general, and in particular in Theatre of the Oppressed methods for youth workers from Europe;• To develop a network of Forum Theatre multipliers in various regions of Europe; • o improve project management, communication, team leading and motivations skills for youth workers• To develop pro-active attitudes and the sense of initiative among the partners NGO members and also among the beneficiaries of the partners (young people). • To increase the level of active participation among the direct and indirect beneficiaries • To contribute to the development of employable skills among direct and indirect beneficiaries. • To introduce Erasmus + programme, as a great provider of educational opportunities.- The structure of the project is 1)planning online meeting- 2)capacity building training- 3)practice phase in local communities to put in practice the learning from first training- 4)second training for advance competencies-5)local activities for putting in practice the advance competencies-6)final online evaluation; and the time between all this big miles stones in the projects is thought adapted to the local realities in all partners countries in order to have enough time to prepare, implement and evaluate each activity and also to plan the next one;- The flow of the activities is designed in order to be flexible on the needs of each organization in terms of time and local adaptation as well as involvement of local team;



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