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Regionale Koordinierungsstelle zum Strukturierten Dialog Bremen
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Being part of the European “Strukturierter Dialog” program the “Bremer Jugendring” is a contact partner and a body of regional coordination regarding European projects and themes in Bremen. The “Bremer Jugendring” opens access for youth associations and clubs to the “Strukturierter Dialog” and helps coordinating European projects at the local, the national and the European level. Apart from being the body of coordination regarding European projects with the youth in Bremen, the Bremer Jugendring also discusses European themes and difficulties like Bologna and the issue of inclusion. There are plenty of projects which deal with these issues initiated by the Bremer Jugendring. The “Bremer Jugendring” also gives room for a dialogue within the districts of Bremen so European themes can really by connected to the very local level. These rooms for dialogue open access to youth associations and clubs to be engaged in projects that deal with European themes like asylum policies or inclusion. At an annual EU youth conference young people discuss these issues they care about with decision-makers. Together with focal themes of the “Strukturierter Dialog” these issues have a big impact on the online consultations of the “Struktuierter Dialog”. There are ongoing projects which were initiated in the last years, like “Europe in your hands” or an EU rally through Bremen. To accomplish the goal of giving Bremen’s youth the possibility to engage and participate in European politics, the “Bremer Jugendring” offers and carries out plenty of projects and activities for young people. Next to the standard methods of letting young people engage with politics the “Bremer Jugendring” always tries to implement and support new ways of organizing and carrying projects or activities developed by young people. In general the “Bremer Jugendring” supports ideas and activities of young people with its knowledge, connections and possibilities of coordination. Using new methods of developing and carrying out projects the “Bremer Jugendring” gives young people a voice and the possibility to engage with politics in a more “easy” way. The focus is always on the themes which young people pay attention to or which they are interested in. Coming from this point of view the projects supported or initiated by the “Bremer Jugendring” are entitled to build a bridge between young people and decision-makers. This is only possible if young people are engaged in the projects being realized from the very beginning. And if their wishes and ideas are the foundation of every project or activity. One of the overall goals is to develop and extend the” Strukturierten Dialog” as an instrument of youth participation in politics regardless which theme or issue is discussed the most by and through the “Strukturierter Dialog”. The priority is to look at Europe from different points of view and to be open to different opinions on how the EU should develop in the future. Also, the “Bremer Jugendring” tries to explain structures and ways of decision to young people so they really know how to influence decision-making in the European Union and how they get their voice heard. Since 2011 the” Bremer Jugendring” has been the regional body of coordination of the Struktuirerter Dialog in Bremen. Being that the main goals are… - to strengthen the voice and the influence of the youth in Bremen in local, regional, national and European politics - to give young people the chance to have an impact on and create their future and to let them be heard by decision-makers. - to promote the exchange between young people and politicians - to give young people the chance to get to know Europe and also to understand the impact of Europe in Bremen - to incorporate impulses from youth work in all over Europe and to have an effect on the national and European political level regarding youth policies.