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Regional Water Resources Investigations in the Scope of Sustainable Development

The aim of this project is to establish water reserves and changes in water regime, whose hydrological properties are of great importance. In view of the involvement of numerous and diverse contaminants, it is of essential importance to precisely locate and identify pollution in the characteristic parts in the undeground layers and agicultural soil, and propose measures for overcoming the problems and improving drinking water supply, but also the quality of water used in the industry and agriculture. Another issue of increasing importance is the problem of high groundwaters and high surface waters, which, by their level and pollution can make a severe threat to the settlements. Their appearance has disturbed the anthropogenic activity. Attention will be paid to the observed lowering of the Artesian water level. Every disturbance of a natural system is also reflected on the local waters, so that the cross-border cooperation is very important. The region is under the influence of various contaminants (pesticides, radionuclides, etc.), so that appropriate measures are needed for their monitoring and removal.



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