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Regional policy instruments and approaches for improving access to finance and speeding up investments in sustainable energy. (Regions4GreenGrowth (R4GG))
Date du début: 31 déc. 2011, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EU, its Member States and EU regions have defined ambitious energy strategies, setting firm targets for an increased share of renewable energy sources, more energy efficiency and less carbon emissions in order to make Europes energy supply sustainable and future proof.An important obstacle for wide-spread introduction of renewable energy production capacity and energy efficiency measures is the fact that actors (public and private) willing to invest in sustainable energy hardware and infrastructure often have difficulties to attract financial means to support their investments. The private financial sector (banks, investors) is often hesitant to invest in sustainable energy. Public funding is an alternative or complementary source for these investments. But the financial volume of national financial support schemes in most EU countries is limited and they often lack continuity or are difficult to acquire.These limitations of the funding market are holding back realisation ofthe targets set by EU regions in their sustainable energy strategies. Regions with the ambition to be leaders in sustainable energy must therefore themselves create innovative instruments and facilities to generate these financial flows and investments in their territory. Regions4GreenGrowth is an initiative of EU regions who have defined high sustainable energy ambitions and now encounter this obstacle. The overall objective of the project is to equip these regions with regional policy instruments, mechanisms and approaches to improve access to finance for and speed up investments in sustainable energy projects (e.g. renewable energy generation capacity, energy efficiency measures) in their territories.The partners in this project are Flevoland province (NL, lead partner), Norrbotten and Västernorrland regions (SE), Maramures County and Prahova Energy Agency (RO), Abruzzo and Lazio regions (IT), Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (ES), Patras SciencePark representing Western Greece region (EL), Euro Perspectives Foundation representing Gabrovo region (BG), Noord-Brabant province (NL), Assembly of European Regions (FR), Észak – Alföld regional development agency (HU) and Oldham Council representing Greater Manchester Region (UK).Project activities include the collection and documenting of effective policy instruments in this field from partners and other actors. During Peer Reviews the partners will tackle the specific challenges of each partner region and present them with tailor made packages of policies and instruments to speed up sustainable energy investments. And a specific method for creating a public-private cooperation structure for investments in sustainable energy, developed by Flevoland, will be passed on to the partners in a Master Classes series, and implemented in 3 partner regions. Project achievements will be documented in a Guide on methods and implemented Good Practice and widely disseminated. Achievements: The Regions4GreenGrowth project aims to boost investments in sustainable energy by exchanging experiences between the 15 partners. During the first semester of the project all activities related to management, communication and the content were started up. The partners collected and described 18 good practices. The project works with the so called peer review methodology. During a peer review, a host region is visited by a team of experts from other regions to assess the regional situation on a specific topic. After the study visit, the peer team delivers an advice to the region. This semester, the peer review methodology was adapted to the topic of the project; how to stimulate investments in sustainable energy. During the first peer review workshop in Rome the methodology was explained and discussed with the partners and the first 3 peer reviews (Valencia, Västernorrland and Noord-Brabant) were prepared in groups. The first two peer reviews took place in Valencia and Västernorrland in May and June 2012. The Valencian peer review focussed on to attract more foreign investments and the peer review in Västernorrland on a.o. logistics and public transport.The first peer review report of Valencia was delivered and the analysis and recommendations were much appreciated by the Valencian responsibles. The first R4GG conference was organised in Rome with 95 participants. There was an interesting programme where good practices were presented, both from Lazio region and from other regions. The programme of the first Master Class was developed by Flevoland and Oldham. It deals with analysing the gap between RES/EE goals and the realisation of these goals and the question whether the creation of a sustainable energy development and investment utility like DE-on is a suitable instrument for the participating regions. In the field of communication the following activities have been carried out during the first project semester: The website was developed and put online from April 2012 on. The first newsletter was published and distributed among over 1200 people. Regions4GreenGrowth was promoted in 9 events (including the conference in Rome). Two youtube films about the peer reviews were produced and the first project brochure was produced, but not yet distributed. R4GG has appeared in press and media 54 times.



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