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Regional Innovation Strategy for Eastern Serbia and North-West Bulgaria Region
Date du début: 20 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 20 janv. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The present project team will rely for the achievement of the projects results & outputs to strategic approaches, successfully realized in other EU countries, such as Ireland and Poland. The development of Regional Innovation strategy will be done through developing analyses in following areas: Social Capital and Innovation Culture; Innovation Needs of Enterprises; Scientific and Research Potential of Region; Innovation Support System ( R&D and business connection). By forming the working group for development of the RIS which will consist representatives of municipalities (8 members), representatives of the R&D institutions and universities (6 members), representatives of the business sector and NGOs (6 members) and 4 representatives of Regional Development Agencies, project team will ensure involvement of main actors in the field of innovation. Using the data from the study working group, together with the project team will develop RIS and will ensure a creation of the right road map for the future Region with innovative specialization of the economy. Innovation is a priority issue number one for the EU. Its however difficult for the cross-border region as it costs a lot of resources: financial, human, organizational, etc. Its good that the multiplication of good ideas is usually cheaper than inventing them again and again. The development of Regional innovation Strategy will ensure a creation of the right road map for the future region with innovative specialization of the economy and Increasing level of competitiveness among the target group by increasing their level of innovative activities, and increasing level of cooperation between institution and providing better service to SME, in the field of innovation will answer to a large extent to the identified needs of the communities from both sides of the border for accelerating the economic development. Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results:- Organization of a motivational seminar on 28.05.2013 on the premises of Regional Chamber of Commerce Zajecar, with 30 participants. The project team presented project to the stakeholders and stress importance of creating Regional Innovation Strategy;- The following analysis were conducted: 1) Analysis of Social Capital and Innovation Culture; 2) Analysis of Innovation needs of SMEs; 3. Analysis on scientific and research potential of the region;- Training on strategic planning in Kladovo from 6-9. 06.2013 With 28 participants. Members of the working group trained on strategic planning;- Organization of 8 working group meetings (4 in Serbia and 4 in Bulgaria). The goal of the working groups was development of RIS - Regional innovation strategy. After public debate RIS was printed in 3000 copies in three languages: Serbian, Bulgarian and English. The copies of RIS were disseminated to all members of the work group; it is also available in all universities, public libraries, Chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs associations, Local and Regional authorities;- Implementation of an extensive publicity and media campaign.The project was successfully completed in January 2014.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Bulgaria - Serbia IPA CBC (BG-RS)
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