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Regional Innovation in the Nordic Arctic and Scotland with a Special Focus on Regions with Large-Scale Projects (REGINA)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description (EN): REGINA will develop an innovative, strategic model for protecting, promoting and developing cultural and natural heritage. This will be composed of a set of decision support tools tailored to the particular needs of municipalities and local communities in remote and sparsely populated regions whose economies are characterized by the emergence and/or dominance of a single large scale resource-based industry. Such strategies will aim to build upon the local configuration of territorial assets (environmental, capital, human, social etc.), in order to secure the most economically beneficial, socially inclusive and  environmentally responsible future development.The strategic planning process should start from the aspirations and competences of the local community and its institutions. However, these competencies are often relatively limited compared to those of the global companies with which they are dealing. The REGINA model seeks to supplement local competence through expert inputs from research institutions, and governance linkages which access borrowed capacity from a wider range of regional authorities. It is further enriched by good practice exchange with stakeholders from other countries.The project will seek to develop improved decision-making tools and processes, such as demographic and economic foresight modelling, spatial analysis, and territorial governance approaches for stakeholder communication and involvement. In addition to responding to the expansion of large scale resource-based activities, the strategic planning tools should also be capable of devising innovative approaches to the management of the decline or withdrawal of such activities. Expected Results (EN): Preparedness of responsible authorities in remote, sparsely populated areas for environmental management in relation to climate change and impacts of new investments in exploitation of natural resources Expected Outputs (EN): REGINA aims to make local authorities and communities in remote and sparsely populated areas better prepared for environmental management in relation to the impacts of new investments in exploitation of natural resources. It will achieve this by delivering new tools to support strategic environmental planning. These tools will be developed by research institutions in conjunction with local authorities, and by exchange of experiences and good practice. By tackling problems in different sectors (mining, gas and oil industry, renewable energy) it will also contribute to cross-sectorial learning.



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