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Regional Development Agencies Network in the Central European, Danubian and Adriatic Area ² (RDA-net CEDA)
Date du début: 30 sept. 2003, Date de fin: 27 févr. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

RDA-net CEDA² is a network of regional development agencies (RDAs) with a complete set of services and tools for fostering and improving the partners' capabilities in practical cooperation vis-à-vis the challenges of EU enlargement. RDA-net CEDA² aims to: - Generate innovative projects for regional development of CADSES by using the synergies of the network's experts, - Increase the competencies and human resources for management and implementation of regional development projects, especially in a transnational and cross-border context in connection with Community Initiatives and Structural Funds, - Promote sharing and exchanging information on regional development issues, - Extend the network of regional development experts and multiply its synergy potential for CADSES in terms of co-operation opportunities and a broad territorial coverage, - Become a "network of competence" providing national and regional governments with recommendations, advice and support on spatial development issues and policies; establishment of a "virtual resource centre" for methods, approaches and projects of regional development in a transnational and cross-border context must be examined. Achievements: The project has increased the skills and capacities of staff working in regional development to cope with the enormous requirements of the socio-economic disparities in CADSES. Important effects are the improved skills for managing and implementing regional development projects, and for cross-border and transnational co-operation. The project gives access to a broader knowledge base of regional development policies to help remote regions to avoid migration and the "brain drain". The project can already rely on the CEDA network set up under INTERREG IIC. To consolidate and expand this network, RDA-net CEDA² will reach a "critical mass" in order to make the network strong enough to become a stable factor in regional development on the EU/NAC interface.



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