Rechercher des projets européens

Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The basic topics that our school staff who know his/her weak and strong sides are studies for raising students' motivation , creativity, productivity and using information technologies in class in a qualified way. The purpose of writing this project is to have a qualified school which renew itself, complete its missing parts and strenghten its weak sides. We want to teach our students better by integrating EU projects with our local projects about motivation , creativity, collaborationist education and the usage of technology in education. In order to reach these targets, we should learn through different experiences , increase our experiences in an international way and improve ourselves. These are the basic purpose of doing this project. Our teachers are easygoing, flexible and responsible people who respect their jobs, know their needs, weak - strong sides ,have positive thoughts.14 teachers in our school want to be participant in this project. Briefly, 4 teachers will take part in information technology course, 4 teachers will take part in motivation course and 6 teachers will take part in productivity and creativity course. Our teachers are going to go to 3 different Europe countries and have chance both recognise the citizenship of Europe and create international connections and friendships. We will share our experiences with our colleagues from different countries of Europe. So , we will have chance to compare our studies with the studies of our colleagues. The basic topics of our projects are; -Information technology-new technology-digital qualification -Pedagogy and teaching knowledge -New , innovator curriculum / educative methods / evolution of education lessons. The activities in our projects are ; In 9th - 18th May 2015 and in London / England ,participating of 4 participants for Digital Classroom, Using ICT in Education seminar In 7th -16th September 2015 and in Rome / Italy , participating of 4 participants for Enhancing Students' Motivation through İnquiry Based Learning course In 19th - 28th October 2015 and in Barcelona/Spain , participating of 6 participants for Stimulating Creativity through Cooperative Learning seminar. According to these activities ; We are going to be more qualified with the experiences and skills that we have in these courses by strenghtening our weak sides in order to teach our student better .We are going to raise our students' level. The participants who will take part in information technology course, will be qualified. So , they will serve better for the purpose of " FATIH" projects which our Ministry of National Education. Our staff who renew themselves about motivation, creativity and collaborationist learning will contribute to the level of development of our country by educating students as productive, creative and self -confident people who have broad vision and high motivation. The effects at the end of the activities; Institutional effects; -To be a prestigious school between the other schools with the studies during and at the end of the this project -To be a qualified school which has qualified teachers -To be an international school -To have international sister school and have an exchange of ideas on e-twinning at the next periods -To be a supportive school for our students' academic success The effects on the students; Our students would have positive behaviours about creativity and motivation and they would be respectful people who know what they want , have high self confidence and useful for the society. So , by educating these people, we , as a school , will support the development of our town , city and the country at the long term period. The effects on the participants; Our staff will be more qualified both theoretical and practical and will serve better for our country by renewing themselves about classroom managements, students communication, student motivation and pedagogical issues. The self confidence and the love for participants' job will be at the top level with the international programs and the certificates. Our staff will have consciousness about the European Union and the citizenship of European Union. Our staff will develop their reading, writing , listening and speaking level Our staff will have experiences about other countries' educational system, problems during the education teaching period and the solutions for these problems. So , they have benefit by comparing these situations with the ones in our school. Finally, We will have a broad vision in a tolerance way and be aware of the personal and cultural similarities and differences and accept these ones as a wealth.