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Reforestation of arid zones in the south of Europe as a profession of the future
Date du début: 3 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 2 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The VALGREEN project aims to improve the training of students and teachers in the field of environmental management, while it fights climate change, promotes green economies and combats desertification in the southern regions of Europe. This is intended to reinforce key skills of pupils of vocational training through the experience of the project itself and the added value that will generate the different partners. The end result of the project will substantially improve vocational training in the field of forest management, which influence the better employability of students and even creating new jobs based on the "Green jobs". The project involves the participation of partners from regions in southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus) where desertification is a real environmental risk and better management of environmental resources is necessary. In this line partners are organizations that work with adolescents, socially very active and committed to their territory in the aspect of employability and environment. So it is a common link of all environmental protection of the territory and mutual learning. The project methodology is based on "learning by doing" so the planned activities, study visits, workshops, etc. whose main component implementation of the acquired knowledge. Besides all the activities have from the beginning with the cooperative participation of all partners, demonstrating the will and commitment to sharing efforts and learn from each other. On the other hand we must also consider their own management activities and communication that is coordinated from Spain and take an active part all project partners, with the objectives of monitor closely the evolution of the project, and to collect the results and communicate properly. In the planned activities it is to reach more than 1200 participants, both locally and internationally. It has also defined a communication plan based on the commitment Internet and social networks, managed collaboratively between teachers and students, with the aim of creating a broad community of interest and that the results serve as many people as possible



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