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Reflective Quality Development for Teachers and Trainers in CVT through Self evaluation

The Leonardo-Project "Reflective Quality Development for CVT Teachers and Trainers through Self-Evaluation "(abbreviation: "Reflective Evaluation") aims at the sector "Continuing Vocational Education". It focuses mainly on risk groups like unemployed people and "women returners" (to the labour market). However, in most countries people who have gained a considerable degree of formal (also vocational) education are to be found among this target group. In the scientific literature, but especially through research conducted by the responsible Technical Working Group within the "Copenhagen Process", it has been well justified that quality assurance and quality development are a task of highest importance for this sector, that is CVT, particularly for the risk groups mentioned. In the "Common Quality Assurance Framework", developed by the Technical Working Group mentioned, as well as particularly in the new Leonardo Call Self-Evaluation of the actors concerned (teachers, trainers, planners connected with decision makers) has been defined as a main goal of development. The overall project aim is to design a tool which the users may like to employ within their respective institutions. Self-evaluation which is concrete, honest and specifically adapted to the respective situation of the institution means that the actors concerned are willing to make use of it. That is at the same time the decisive precondition for carrying through reliable external to internal self-evaluation in an unquestionable feature of state-of-the-art quality assurance measures. The project builds, in theoretical and methodological respect, strongly on the results of the Leonardo project (Reference Material) "Re-Integration". It adapts and restructures those results by using an innovative online cooperation amongst the new user groups of this proposal. This represents a new feature not employed, so far, to our knowledge, in the collaborative international construction of tools for quality development. The output of the former project consists of an interactive tool for self-evaluation on CD-ROM. It provides for an extraordinary degree of flexibility and adaptability because it can be altered by the users, even nearly down to its basic structures.The new tool, the objective of this proposal, deviates however strongly from the former one because it aims at new target groups in a different target sector. It will be based on inquiries into culturally and systems-related requirements for self evaluation while at the same time, via the common online-platform, providing for a European dimension. Quality assurance and development through self-evaluation should improve the CVT provision for the target groups. It should facilitate their access because it stimulates acknowledging their particular problems (e.g. regarding their often low self-concept).The high adaptability and easy accessibility of the tool, by using the online platform, will allow for new users to employ the tool and even take part in its development. This will bring about a particularly effective strategy of valorisation. New groups of potential users in adjacent sectors – like initial VET – may make use of it. In addition, the new tool will be transferable to all geographical context of Europe because it allows for such a high degree of adaptation, through self-reliant destructing by the respective new actors.



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