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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

NGO "Pociūnėlių miestelio bendruomenė" (Lithuania) and 5 partners from Armenia, Belorus, Georgia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and France united their forces together and with this mobility program wants to offer a training program „Reflective outdoors“ for youth workers. This trainings will be directed to the targeted reflection and discussion after a wide range of outdoor activities. Such an idea was born in seeing that work with young people not enough purposefully exploited outdoors in youth education activities. The main aim of youth workers mobility is to develop youth workers competencies which helps to facilitate evaluation/reflection after outdoor and nature activities. 24 participants from 6 partner countries (4 participants from each country) will participate in this mobility program. Project partners were selected according to organization action format. One of the criteria was that the organization fulfills an active youth education activities. It was also important that the organization in its activities and work with young people used experiential methods in nature, which allows a better understanding of the relationship between people and nature, and through the unique experience in it, teaches us to conserve the surrounding environmentally, contribute to a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and the broad-natural knowledge. This training mobility program is for youth workers who wants to improve their competencies needed to lead reflections after outdoors and nature activities. Training courses will be based on non-formal education methods, trainers will work with outdoor activities and reflection methods. Part of the planned training activities will take place under the principle of learning from experience. Active participation will be used not only as a tool, but also as an aspiration for each activity. During the training course, trainers will pay close attention to each person, all of the group and topic. During the training course, and after it is expected that the participants (youth workers) will learn, remember or will start to use more often reflection as a success tool of a personal or group development after the outdoor and nature activities. It is expected that this will become an integral part of the annex to the outdoor activities.



8 Participants partenaires