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Reflection tools for supporting individual learning paths of adults
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim of the strategic cooperation is to develop reflection tools for supporting individual learning paths of adults. Effective tools will improve quality in adult education and training and increase the level of learning outcomes. The adult educators who take part in the project will learn the necessity and ways of using various reflection methods for adults. During our partnership we will also learn how to accompany, support, guide and encourage the adult learner through reflective partners. We will share the knowledge we have from our previous experience and develop common guidelines and advices for facilitator of reflection practice. The handbook with results of researches, tools (learning diaries, journals, reflections sheets, methods) and recommendations will be available for all stakeholders in the sphere of adult education and it will give a chance to improve quality of learning and competences of adult educators to arrange learner-focused programmes. The project team consists of professionals who work with various groups of adults: adult educators, educational managers, teachers of compulsory and vocational schools, decision-makers, adult learners with immigrant background, long-term unemployed, housewives, entrepreneurs, etc. Transnational cooperation is necessary for taking into consideration peculiarities of different cultures and backgrounds, test the tools with various groups and see how they work and what needs to be adjusted. Such kind of cooperation will ensure possibility to use the tools elsewhere in Europe. The project partners are Vestifex and ITC Professional Developmen (Estonia), Konsultfirma Ivan Häuser (Denmark), Sintagmi (Italy), Kapademi (Turkey) and Centre for flexible learning (Sweden). All the partners have their share of responsibility: Vestifex, Estonia - leader of development of learning diaries and learner's portfolio ITC Professional Development, Estonia - coordination of supportive tools for effective collaboration in the project (Google Drive, Facebook group, Hangouts videoconferencing), working out web-based solutions for the tools worked out in the project. Konsultfirma Ivan Häuser, Denmark - leading partner in dialogue-based reflection practices. Sintagmi, Italy - reflection tools in learning in collaborative economy (open education and person-to-person learning models that democratize education), gender aspects of reflection. Kapademi , Turkey - reflection worksheets and recommendations for use for various learning styles Centre for flexible learning, Sweden - reflection in work-based and distance learning. The project work is based on the previous researches, strategies of European education, principles of lifelong learning, forecasts of future education and labour market. Each partner is responsible for testing the reflection tools with at least 30 adult learners locally and 4 through international mobilities. The expected results are: 1. Improvement of adult educators' competences in the partner institutions (developing learner-centred programmes, supporting reflection and self-directed learning, facilitating adult learning, improved fluency in English, skills of intercultural cooperation). 2. More learner-centred programmes in adult education.



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