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Reflection Lab
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Reflection Lab" results from the need to train our adult educators in innovative concepts which overcome boundaries in their work with a great variety of target groups, such as migrants and persons with lower formal education or elderly people. The aim of the project is for our staff in adult education to come up with new perspectives on innovative approaches in educational programmes and processes of social change. The focus lies on the connection of artistic and educational approaches. We want to learn about and reflect on boundary transcending concepts in the fields of migration, education and integration. Further, we want to ensure the quality of our educational programmes, to integrate new methods in our programmes and to meet international standards in these fields. Didactic, methodologic and management lskills should be improved. In order to meet our targets, we will visit five different educational institutions that initiate educational processes with various target groups. The experiences of various educational institutions will provide a new perspective on our own work and foster our understanding for social, linguistic und cultural diversity, as well as towards the target groups. Activity 1: "University of Ideas" with "Cittadellarte" in Biella, Italy Activity 2: "Art and Psycho-social Methods" with "The Red House" in Sofia, Bulgaria Activity 3: "Transversale Pedagogy" with "The Silent University" in Stockholm, Sweden Activity 4: "Art and Politics" with "Hoch Vier" in Potsdam, Germany Activity 5: "Arts and Migration" with Amarelarte in Faro, Portugal