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Reenergize productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of European economy through Cloud Computing (CLOUDCATALYST)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CloudCatalyst aims to provide useful tools to foster the adoption of Cloud Computing in Europe. CloudCatalyst will set up a cross-border advice and support service targeting two main groups:1) Software developers, researchers, start-ups, and other Cloud entrepreneurs interested in accelerating the development and deployment of Cloud Computing and internet services,2) End-users from large industries, SMEs, and public entities interested in knowing how to benefit from the implementation of Cloud solutions.CloudCatalyst initiatives will be based on a pro-active collaboration with relevant stakeholders of the Cloud Computing field, with a strong focus on end-users and the need to create innovative products, services and companies.Following the already successful experiences of the consortium members, the CloudCatalyst ecosystem is based on a novel approach where consumers will be placed in the centre of an active and dynamic go-to-the-cloud strategy. This will be supported by a set of actions identified as key elements to foster the emergence of a strong and enthusiastic community of Cloud adopters and supporters in Europe:• Cloud business model innovation• Cloud accelerator toolbox for software development community• Development of the "Go-to-the-Cloud" Support ServiceTo sum up, the project will contribute to the recognition of European position in the Cloud Computing market by unlocking the full spectrum of the Cloud channel value chain to the benefit of all, including both the European business software industry and the individual citizen and consumer who shall be given access to value-added services. Cloud Catalyst actions will be aligned with the European Cloud Computing Strategy, contributing to the fulfilment of its key objectives for job creation and EU industrial competitiveness improvement.



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