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"Redukcja substancji toksycznych wprowadzanych do środowiska i żywności warunkiem zdrowia społecznego”
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project’s benefactor is Józef Wybicki’s Agricultural Secondary School Complex Practice Educational Centre in Bolesławowo whereas its foreign partner is a German Training Centre of Agricultural Technique DEULA Nienburg. The project “ A reduction of toxic substances implemented into the environment and food products as a condition of public welfare” is aimed at technical college students. Eighteen students selected in an enrolment process will participate in this project. The participants will develop their skills directly connected with operating spraying machines and plants protection. It is in accordance with their faculty but at the same time goes beyond their curriculum and allows them to gain additional skills and professional competence. During a theoretical process at school students will learn topics concerning plants protection but participation in an apprenticeship will allow them to confront gained knowledge with practical skills. The apprenticeship participants will learn industrial health concerning plant protection products. They will learn the rules of introducing dangerous substances into a biocoenosis. Thanks to an excellently equipped training centre DEULA Nienburg interns will face an opportunity to learn new machines’ construction, identify sub-assemblies of the most modern spraying machines. They will also choose sub-assemblies (tips) depending on a type of plants and cultivation technology. They will learn a construction and adjustment of different types of spraying machines. They will gain manual skills connected with preparing some working liquid but also measuring the liquid’s consumption depending on the used sprays. The project’s participants will learn to obey rules concerning personal protective equipment and environment protection during technological processes. They will have a chance to improve their qualifications of operating and maintenance and structure of spraying machines. Moreover they will also learn to use the most modern computer technologies while using computer steering systems in spraying machines and they will learn a system to operate a field aggregate using GPS. They will learn how to manage their workplace but also share duties. Thanks to the project students will improve their language skills especially when vocational German is concerned, learn the culture and German habits, make new contacts and gain new experiences connected with another country’s functioning. The participation in a foreign apprenticeship will increase the participants’ self-confidence and will certainly help to overcome a barrier to communicate in a foreign language. The students will also learn new sociological and adaptive skills, cooperation and teamwork ( both in a social and professional sense). The two-week apprenticeship will make it possible for young students to cope with a new situation, increase their competence of being ready for changes, for making decisions on their own but also this is a great life lesson. DEULA Nienburg training centre is a place where people of many nationalities are educated which will definitely lead to an increase in consciousness of multicultural world and a respect for other cultures. All mentioned factors will influence personal development of our students and this can lead to an increase in competitiveness on a European job market. The interns will be trained by a specialized staff from our partner’s training centre. They will take part in an experience and knowledge exchange with young people staying at the training centre or living in Nienburg. The whole project is supervised and coordinated by Alfred Portee – the head teacher of Józef Wybicki’s Agricultural Secondary School Complex Practice Educational Centre in Bolesławowo. The responsibility for the financial settlement is also taken by the school. The project will take place in a school year 2014/2015 and the apprenticeship is planned to be served in the spring or summer of 2015.


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