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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At a time when protecting natural resources and promoting sustainable development has become an international priority in every school system, our partnership mainly aims at raising awareness among pupils in several fields: recycling, resources protection and the importance of new technologies. This project will help the pupils to develop citizenship skills. The project will also impact parents and the population of the cities of the different partners. 5 partners from secondary education, local authorities, departments of universities are involved in this partnership which will impact more than 1 300 people and which will achieve 3 different however complementary productions. The first production will be a movie/slideshow made up from pictures taken by the pupils and representing the environment of each partner’s school. The comments will also be imagined by the pupils. The second production will be an exhibition intended to be widely disseminated in order to promote the idea of the protection of natural resources. This exhibition will be based on the pictures selected by an international jury. The third production will be an artistic collective work created from recycled materials. This work will be made from pieces built by the pupils from the 5 schools and assembled during the last European meeting. The idea behind this production is to set up a synergy and a complementarity between the partners of the different countries in the same way as Airbus A380 was built. The project also includes a training program for the pupils, mostly through three teaching and training mobilities. These activities will give the opportunity to more than 60 pupils to participate in the project.Each training activity will include seminars, workshops and visits. The pupils will thus meet experts. The collaboration with higher education is already planned in many countries. The pupils will also have the possibility to discover new cultures, new methods and to have lots of enriching personal experiences. The productions aim at promoting the protection of resources, of raw materials and of their recycling to different targets ( pupils, parents, elected officials, population) but also at developing many different skills and abilities for the pupils during their training mobilities. The project will involve about 60 teachers of different topics. They will work in close collaboration and will exchange on their methods. At least 30 of them will participateto the four European meetings. The follow-up of the project will be ensured by an international steering committee that will meet 4 times and that will communicate via videoconferences every 3 months and also by local steering committees. The E-twinning workspace will be used as a privileged vector of communication. A particular attention will be given to communication and to the use of ICT to favour collaboration on the one hand but also the dissemination of the results on the other hand. A blog will be opened to ensure the perennial spreading of the productions. This project will have varied impacts. Concerning pupils, teachers and the populations, the project will improve the image of the actions of the European Union in terms of environmental protection. It will give access to a lot of cultures, those of the partners. It will also improve international cooperation by allowing moments of educational talks between teachers. The partners are determined to further their collaboration after the end of the strategic partnership.



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