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Redesign the Youth
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The youth is the present and the future. United Europe is the present and the future. To became a true Modern Europeans we need to understand and accept our differences and realities. With REDESIGNING THE YOUTH we want to bring closer a Europe to the local society, where many of our youngsters are facing exclusions ( social, economic, cultural, geographic etc ) . We need to redefine a concept of Europe to them, presenting it as something real, achievable and available for them. By promoting the social inclusion and by upgrading their social and professional skills , using ERASMUS + , we will make an impact in the society of our island. These specific projects are contributing our associative work on a daily bases , especially when it comes to a information and the formation of mobility in Europe and promoting the tolerance and active citizenship. We would like to organize a several encounters that will bring together local youth , involved in local formal and informal groups , so that we can promote local participation and community work. We want to learn by doing and making actions with the rest of the associations and groups in the islands. By making an example and positive impact on our recipients, so that all of us can start making changes in our arroundings. We offer any kind of formation and information that it within our knowledge, such as a professional orientation, and labor integration for excluded youngsters. The impacts that have created our past projects has been inmense in a local andnational level, thanks to a social networks, and a hard work that we put in these projects. We truly believe that we are handling a “perfect weapon “ for inclusion. Therefore we have marked several objectives so that on a long term we can became one of the referents when it ocmes to ERASMUS + programe on Canary islands, and beyond. We are true believers in “ Learning by doing “ and for that reason we want to use the posivbilties that ERASMUS + is giving to us, and mores specificly European Volunteering Service , since we will focus these 10 months of the projects to achive our common goals, along side with the volunteers.



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