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Date du début: 30 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 29 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main purpose of youth exchange project, "Recycling+" is about creating some useful materials by using some old and needless materials that we have in our homes and promoting recycling between public. During the 10 days, participants will have the opportunity to experience an intercultural dialogue which will directly promote the notion of European citizenship, also have the opportunity with the main activities of the project to create an empty bottle to create a candle holder, bazaar bags by using old T-shirts, thermos by using glass bottles, droplights by using plastic spoon, some paintings by using papers, wallets by using papers, some homes for cats by using cartons, party dresses from old useless clothes etc. practically. At the end, we will present all materials to the public and trigger them to use recycling active in their homes. There will be 8 participants from Spain, Romania, Italy and Estonia and also 10 participants including group leaders from Turkey; totally 42 young European people. Minimum 23 out of 42 participants will be selected from financially, educationally or geographically limited young people. The exchange will take place in Trabzon, Beşikdüzü, a green seaside district of Trabzon between the dates 27 August - 6 September 2016.All participants will take part in all activities. All the activities are prepared alltogether with all countries. Each country - with all participants - will have responsibility to lead one whole day during the activity days. Furthermore, there will be some social activities such as cultural nights for each country, visiting natural and historical places, promoting Erasmus+ Youth programs. Another aim of the project is to point out socialization and open-mindedness of the youngsters by giving each group a chance to introduce their culture to others. They will also learn to care the other participants' ideas and get a new viewpoint about other countries. As a result, all the participants will have some information about different cultures, will break the stereotypes about Turkey, will have some Turkish friends from local people, and will communicate some local Turkish shopkeepers. Learning how to use unnecessary materials to create something useful in their homes.Also some potential longer benefits of our youth exchange project can be having good friendship between participants, to cooperate them another time for another project as an organization or personally, visiting Turkey as a tourist for foreign participants, making business in Turkey, teaching what they learned here about recyling to their friends and organization members. And also telling good memories about Turkey may break their friends’ stereotypes and they will promote Turkey to be a EU member in the near future.



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