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Recycling of organic waste and green entrepreneurship in the urban web to secure public health (SAFE WASTECYCLE)

Solid organic waste is produced wherever there is human habitation. Abandonment and inappropriate management of urban organic waste has a significant impact on the environment into which is released and may result in water, soil & air pollution, contribute in climate change and affect ecosystems and human health.Hence, techniques for using solid organic waste should be further refined and validated; the public should be educated about how to separate waste at the source and local and national authorities should develop standards to promote and regulate the recycling of waste.The partners of SAFE WASTECYCLE aspire to put into force an effective recycling programme of organic waste from food service enterprises.Specific objectives of the project include:- Development of common methodology standards for collection and composting of organic waste- A guidelines study for organics recycling and public health protection in urban areas- A study for the use of compost as fertilizer in urban areas- Acquisition of new equipment (mobile composting plant, pre-compost bins, vehicle for the collection of waste) for the implementation of organic waste recycling pilot programme- Training of personnel in the collection and composting of organic waste- Increase of public awareness regarding organic waste management Information & Publicity actions include a website, conferences, training seminars for public servants and citizens, printed and electronic promotional material and announcements in mass media.



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