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Recycling Art, Recycling Life
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project topic came as a follow-up of a previously successfully organised project about the same topic. from the initiative of young people from our organization and our partner organisations. "Recycling Art, Recycling Life" is a follow-up of our previous project, built up as a completely new youth exchange that will bring together 40 young people from 5 countries: France, Spain, Estonia, Italy and Poland. The youth exchange will use the positive points from the previous experience as well as will correct the mistakes of it in ordre to bring new young people, who have not been connected to this topic yet to the exchange place near Metz in France. During the exchange, the present young people will be able to come up with creative and innovative strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and rubbish. They will not only try to change the image of rubbish & waste in a society, but will also aim to give rubbish new positive meaning. This topic of the project and its implementation is particularly important in some of the partner countries where waste management and generally environmental problems are a big issue. Recycling is not very widespread and it does not have the same social meaning across all the EU countries. The main objective of this project is to tackle this problem among young people and promote recycling. This youth exchange will offer the participants opportunity to learn and discuss traditional ways of thinking about rubbish and how the rubbish is recycled, reused and reduced. Pictures of rubbish that describe its traditional image will be taken. This will be followed by creative workshops that will come up with new meanings and uses of rubbish and also some of the workshops will aim to produce practical and artistic artifacts out of the rubbish. We will photograph it and compare with the traditional uses. A day in the city will be organized so the participants will spread the new understanding of what rubbish is and could be. They will present their works to the local community, display contrasting pictures of traditional and newly created meaning of rubbish as well as run games and competitions and award winners with some of their works.The exchange will also develop their intercultural skills and will give them better under of other European countries.It will prepare participants to be active European citizens, who understand their rights and duties and can be in charge of green societal change. It will develop their creativity and sense of entrepreneurship, will prepare them to take part in discussions about political and social matters, broaden their understanding of green matters as well as inspire them to organise community events.



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