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ReCreative use of waste
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "ReCreative use of waste" youth exchange will take place in Marabu Youth Camp, Milcoveni City in the period of 05-14.08.2016 organized and hosted by Timis Torontal. The participants are 40 youngsters form 8 countries (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus and Macedonia) supported by 8 group leaders.Themes :-exchange of good practices in creative recycling;-finding solutions for the environmental problems, by using art and design as main tools;-recycling as the art of an inter cultural instrument of learning and social inclusion for youngsters;Objectives At the end of the project the participants will be capable:- to make 40 youngsters to think in a conscious way about sustainability and environmental protection by taking actions in that way;- to give the opportunity for 40 youngsters develop their initiative and civic sense by sharing experiences with the Milcoveni community; -to encourage intercultural learning through creative art methods for 40 youngsters- to develop the confidence and to increase the self-esteem of at least 20 the participants form the local level and the 40 international participants using non-formal methods and active participation;-to create a playground for the kids in Milcoveni with the help of the whole community, by using recyclable materials from their houses. The theme of the youth exchange is based on the needs of creativity among the youngsters, the main organizers being professional leaders of a youth camp, Eco, with experience as youth trainers.We are going to use non-formal education as the main method of the exchange, we will organize workshops (with plastic, wood, glass), the working teams will be small and big depending on the activities, and at the end of each day will be the evaluation of the day. Through all this activities we aim to increase the cultural conscience of each participant, using art and design, to increase the self evaluation of the youngsters regarding their evolution during this project and the main aim, how they will carry this experience in their own country, creating and helping others to create recycling workshops for disadvantaged youngsters, teaching them how to create something out of nothing. The target group will be youngsters aged 15-25, interested in recycling and creating useful stuff from waste. At the end of the project we will organize workshops for the disadvantaged youngsters in Caras-Severin county, for them to know that they can crate something beautiful for their kids using whatever they can find throw in their back yards.


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