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Reconciling Renewable Energy Production and Nature in the Alps (recharge green)
Date du début: 30 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 29 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The growing demand for renewable energy (RE) will increase the pressure on the Alpine environment. It will strongly impact land use patterns, ecological connectivity and biodiversity. Both the demand for renewable energy and the need for the conservation of biodiversity, soil, and connectivity transcend national borders. A transnational dialogue to address multiple environmental objectives, interdependences and trade-offs between various ecosystem services, and conflicting priorities, is urgently needed. The projects' core objective is to develop tools and an integrated strategy for renewable energy production, sustainable land use systems as well as the conservation of biodiversity and soil across the Alpine region, so as to support the implementation of relevant EU Directives. It will valorise Alpine biodiversity, land use patterns and related ecosystem services, and model the carrying capacity of the Alpine ecosystems with respect to all aspects of RE production and consumption. Achievements: The data collection in different Alpine countries is nearly finished and first status quo of Alpine RE production are available. The generation of RE potential maps - ESS ranking maps is under development (available for pilot regions Vorarlberg & Triglav National Park). The analyses of trade-offs with biodiversity and other ESS started in the pilot areas e.g. by a questionnaire survey with selected experts. The analysis of data in the regions and the questionnaire survey identified the potential RE development and highlighted suitable areas for RE development. Indicators for DSS are under development and stakeholders are involved in the. 2nd newsletter, roll-ups, posters, project blog and guidelines for information hubs have been developed as well as several announcements where the project is presented. The international mid-term conference in Brig (CH) (incl. poster session, media event, penal discussion with stakeholders) took place in Nov 2013.


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