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Réalisation et diffusion gratuite, via un site Internet, d’outils pédagogiques et de sensibilisation sur l’alimentation durable, la souveraineté alimentaire et l’agroécologie.
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Association Rencontre des Continents (Belgium) is undertaking the production and free diffusion of educational tools about sustainable food through a website. To implement and coordinate this project, Rencontre des Continents hosted a French volunteer for a period of 10 months sent by Concordia (France – Aquitaine). The project aimed to allow the public and main actors in the field to have free access to tools that will help them better understand and explain the issues and challenges related to sustainable food. This being a prerequisite for the implementation of individual and collective actions for a more ecological, ethical and cohesive society. Throughout the project, the different activities (multiple encounters, drafting of educational supports, diffusion, promotion and animations) aimed to raise awareness about new streams of ideas, local initiatives encouraging alternatives and to put forward the different practices, educational methodologies, knowledge and know-how that exist, mainly at the european level but also on a more global level. This project intended to participate in the construction of alternatives that hold the values of respect and citizenship. The project referred mainly to food because it is one of the most alarming issues of collective concerns and also because it reveals quite clearly the excesses of our current development model. The volunteer have promoted, through the diffusion of tools, the many initiatives that are experimenting a different food system model, initiatives that are inspired by traditions and impulsed by the organic agriculture movements: production relocation, sobriety in the consumption of animal products, "organic" methods restricting inputs and short circuits are the essential components.



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