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Real-Life Business Projects in Multicultural Student-Centred Learning

The main aim of the project is to develop a model for the production, testing and use of real-life business case studies in teaching programmes for business students, rather than theoretical examples as developed by teachers. Educational problems will be combined with actual business problems in a student-centred learning environment. The project will develop a bridge between businesses and universities by providing students with real business problems and, potentially, helping businesses to solve these problems. The primary project results will comprise a series of twelve case studies of actual business practice, piloted and refined over a twelve-month period, which students will work through (REPRO cases). These will be accompanied by a practical step-by-step model that describes the content and process of developing student-centred learning using 'real life' cases (REPRO model). Two guidebooks will accompany the case studies; one for teachers and one for students. Case study material will include actual information about the business environment, personnel, production, marketing, logistics, accounting and finance for students to work with. The case studies, REPRO model and guidebooks will be available in CD-Rom format and via the internet. The REPRO cases and REPRO model will be evaluated by the project partners in a series of reports, aimed at educators and education authorities that will contribute to the refinement of the end products. Reports will be available via the internet. Project partners will closely collaborate with local and national educational bodies in the dissemination of end project results.



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