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Ready to start II
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Venue: Vienna,Austria Coordinator and Host Grenzenlos AustriaMethods: Non formal learning and theatre paedagogicCountries involved: Lithuania,Spain, Italy, Austria, Sending partner Gantalcala, Link, Jaunuoliu dienos centras Grenzenlos is hosting short-term group EVS projects each year within our summer projects explicitly for volunteers with a disadvantaged background or a disability.Within each summer project we host 20 international volunteers from all over the world and 2-5 EVS volunteers as well as local volunteers with a disability.In these two / three weeks the whole volunteers group will live and work together but will also learn about the other volunteers’ reality. Apart from the regular work Grenzenlos offers different workshops on the subject of inclusion and on human rights education as an outcome and follow up of the training course coordinated by our network ICYE on Human rights education.Due to the positive feedback and the learning processes we observed in the last years we would like to run “Ready to start II” in order to enable disabled and disadvantaged youngsters to get in contact with other local and international volunteers – in a working period of two to three weeks. Volunteers will be included in the following summer projectsAUGARDEN – VIENNA 4th – 25th of July: The aim of this project is to practice integration through renovating some parts of a famous park in Vienna by doing different tasks like planting trees, taking care of the old ones, rebuilding new zones. Participants will work approximately six hours for five days a week, together with local gardeners who help them guiding work. 3 EVS volunteers are going to take part of this projec- for 1 we apply in this Grant application.THEATER - VIENNA 26th of July – 15th of August: This project is focused on the development of a theatre play, which is going to be written and performed by the participants according to their wills, experiences, etc... They will take part in theatre workshops where they will be guided to create the play that will be the product of these 3 weeks of work. At the end of the project the volunteers will have the opportunity to present their “creation” in a final event. The play will deal with different topics such as inclusion, exclusion, integration, tolerance, communication and anti-discrimination. Besides the theatre-playing, the group will make some renovation work in the Augarden. We would like to include in this project 5 EVS volunteers- for 2 we apply in this Grant application.JEWISH HERITAGE - VIENNA 8th August – 22nd of August: The topic of this project is the restoration of the Jewish Heritage in Vienna city. The participants will develop the activities in one of the old-Jewish cemeteries of the city. They will renovate a part of a Jewish graveyard in the 18th district of Vienna. They will work five days a week, approximately six hours a day. Moreover, the participants will learn more about Jewish history in Vienna during their work as well as during the free time activities. . 2 EVS volunteers are going to take part of this project.Apart from the volunteers and partners included in this Grant application we also include EVS volunteers from UNA Exchange UK, Solidarites Jeunesses France and Concordia France. Our partners are handing in their grant application in their countries for the October resp. February deadline.



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