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Ready, Steady... Life! A Healthy Lifestyle Programme
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

First of all, it is important to highlight that this project, entitled” Ready,” emerged from the relationship among different schools from France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Poland which got to know each other throughout the e-twinning platform. These schools shared the same concern and this lead them to do research on the reasons which influenced the average increase of teenagers who suffer from overweight or just the opposite case, adolescents who suffer from eating disorders. Eventually, a conclusion was reached: all of these teenagers shared the same “eating patterns” characterized by: A high consumption of food which is scarcely or not at all beneficial for health. The insufficient practice of sport or physical activity. A strong influence of media and beauty stereotypes among our youngsters. This is the reason why we decided to focus the theme of this project on healthy food and sport in youngsters who range between 12-18. We decided that researching at school would be the proper thing, as we consider school to be one of the main agents which contribute to the personal and professional formation of our students. On the other hand, we need to emphasize that the main reasons why we consider the relationship and the cooperation among all these participating countries necessary are : - Compare and value the influence that culture exerts on it. - Get to know the gastronomic features shared by countries within the European Union. Concerning the aims to be attained within this project, we must highlight the following ones: -Rise awareness among students 12-18 aged of the importance of healthy eating habits to have a better life quality. - Teach our students to develop a critical attitude towards ”food” marketing. -Analyze and value the benefits of exercise for health. -Reflect on the damage or benefits that our eating habits carry to our health. Regarding the people who will be immersed in this project, we have to distinguish three sectors : Students, 12-18 aged. Teachers and all the school community Students’ parents or tutors. The average of the above is 120 people, approximately, from each of the participating countries, which sums up to 840 people among students, teachers and parents. On the other hand, it is important to highlight that the teaching-learning process of this study will be carried through an innovative methodology, based on the most up to date Information and Communication technologies. With this, we pursue our students’ attraction to the topic dealt with while improving their technological skills, which will be useful for their future professional careers. Regarding the activities which will contribute to the reach of objectives, we have considered those which foster reflection among our students and which are both attractive and are dependent on the use of TICs. The diversity of activities range from the elaboration of advertisements on healthy eating to visits to ecologic farming plantations, the elaboration of healthy diets, the creation of narrative scenarios and comic strips in favor of healthy eating, the analysis of the different and most frequent eating disorders in adolescents carried out through games, guided walking tours in natural environments, etc. Finally, and by way of conclusion, we intend our students to modify, in a certain way, their wrong eating habits in favor of much more beneficial eating habits for their organism, to reflect on their relevance and to value the benefits of exercise in their daily lives.



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