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Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Background:Behind Carl-Severing Technical College for Economics and Administration in Bielefeld’s current application to gain international social skills during the inaugural vocational training, is a well working project team from the East-Westphalia-Lippe region(OWL), which in co-operation with their representative Chambers of Commerce (IHK) including IHK Bielefeld, IHK Detmold, HWK Bielefeld, further education providers (IHK- Academy OWL, Initiative for Occupation OWL E.V) and the Detmold municipality (EU- Committee Office).Project aims:The participants should, in foreign companies, obtain vocational experience, practical and cross-cultural skill and also enhance their foreign language knowledge. This acquired knowledge should improve their employability in international companies as well as their mobility and to enable a European corporate way of thinking. The participants should actively mould their working, living and learning environment in a European country in order to strengthen their European identity. The EUROPASS mobility and EUROPASS CV should increase efficiency, quality and recognition of a foreign internship within the framework of vocational training.Number of and profile of participants:The participants are adolescents in inaugural vocational training, according to BBiG and HWO.The total amount of participants within 24 months should be 20 adolescents in their inaugural vocational trainingThe foreign internships are planned as threeor four week arrangements in one of the 28 EU or non-EU programme countries. The internships will be overseen by the Carl-Severing Technical College for Economics and Administration in Bielefeld, Germany.Description of activities and procedure for project implementation:Interested adolescents are put through a proven procedure which guides them from the first contact to the post processing of a foreign internship, through all requirements as well as language and cross-cultural preparation. In further steps individual learning tasks are developed for each assignee. Subsequently specialist requirements will be acquired, by the trainees and students, during their internships in foreign companies.After returning the participant will be able to reflect upon their internship by compiling their internship report and PowerPoint presentation.The delegating facility and the partner facility will make a concluding distribution and evaluation.Description of the intended results and effects as well as the expected long-term benefits:The individual will improve the likelihood of employment- nationally as well as internationally- through international vocational skills, foreign experience and mobility, as these are increasing requirements in the employment market. Temporary employment abroad constitute to an excellent opportunity to acquire international and economic competence along with soft skills.The participants negotiate internationally and thus their European identity is strengthened.The outcome is supported by achieving the recognised instruments EUROPASS Mobility and EUROPASS CV.The companies receive trainees or applicants with a willingness to mobility, comprehensive soft skills and economic competence which allows them to move at a European level. Moreover, due to the project FIT FOR EUROPE, the companies are opening up the whole of the European employment market to employees, because of the co-operation of the involved facilities it has led to an exchange, to transfer and an evaluation of knowledge, from procedures and techniques. Synergy effects occur for all involved facilities.The results in the form of participant reports, photo documentation, PowerPoint presentations and oral accounts will be, wherever possible, processed in print/CD documentation and published on the college's website for the participants.The technical colleges are interested in publishing the participant’s accounts and experiences in local and regional press.Furthermore the Carl-Severing Technical College for Economics and Administration will offer to advertise in local and regional media the continuity of the acquisition of internationalising competencies during vocational training.



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