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Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

REACHING THE GOALS is a project that brings together in Busteni, Romania 54 young people with artistic aspirations from Spain, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Romania. During the 12 days of activities, the particpants will experience the theme of reaching the goals, employment and entrepreneurship through, a series of non-formal education methods: Theatre of the Oppressed, Living Library, Public Cafe, writing screenplays and making films. During the activities, participants will create in intercultural teams 7 short films and 5 animated films that will promote the themes of the project at European level, to support the inclusion of young people on the labor market. The problem that the project addresses is that at European level, young artists with artistic abilities or aspirations are not prepared for the labor market, does not know how to define and pursue their professional goals. Scope of the project: To support and to prepare in media and audiovisual area the young people with artistic aspirations for reaching their professional goals and inclusionin the labor market , by employement and entrepreneurship. Ob1. Personal development, and stimulating audio-visual, media, acting, entrepreneurship and employment, planning and reaching the goals skills through script writing, making shoort films and animation and other methods of non-formal education , for 54 participants from 6 countries with artistic aspirations in 12 days in Romania Ob2. The development of intercultural competences, active citizenship and European identity, solidarity, for 54 participants from 6 countries in the program by creating intercultural teams 7 short films and 5 animated films promoting employement, entrepreneurship and how to reach the goals. OB3. Making a portfolio of 7short films and 5 animated films that validate the artistic , media, creative skills of young - of 54 participants for 12 days in Romania. Ov4. Stimulating the development of English language skills, to assimilate basic knowledge of other languages ​​- through creative approaches, during 12 days in Romania. Ob5. Enhancing attractiveness and international capacity of 6 youth organizations from Program Countries by cooperating, sharing experience , creating and promoting a portfolio of 7 short films and 5 animated films to support young people in achieving professional goals, completed in 12 days in Romania



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