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Reaching out for Europe
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ROC A12 applies for the Erasmus+ project 'Reaching out for Europe' in the framework of the ambitions laid down in its internationalisation policy. During their time at ROC A12, students are offered the possibility to gain relevant international experience, by means of an internship abroad and/or an international study trip or exchange programme. ROC A12 has ample experience with international projects within various European programmes, Euregio, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+. We work with a clear structure of a steering group of three coordinators. One coordinator for each location heads workgroups of teachers responsible for internationalisation in their courses of study. A sustainable and reliable network of some ten European partners has been set up to collaborate with us in our international projects. This network is annually evaluated by the steering group to anticipate and follow new international developments and innovations. If necessary, adjustments are made.We have set ourselves a qualitative and a quantitative goal for this project. We aim at an increase in the quality of the Erasmus+ internships by integrating the quality cycle in the entire project. The basis for this is established in the preliminary phase: we draw up an ECVET Learning Agreement for each participant. Personal targets in the field of professional development (knowledge, skills and competences), language skills and intercultural learning are laid down in this agreement. It is signed by the participant, the internship organisation and ROC A12. Evaluation and assessment of the goals set for the internship takes place immediately after the internship. Testing of language skills is done on the basis of the European Framework of Reference. Objective testing instruments are developed by ROC A12 for the other elements of the Learning Agreement. All participants make use of the on-line linguistic preparation and assessment modules of the Erasmus+ programme. Every participant receives a Europass after a successful completion. A 10-step action plan determines the logical course of the internship, from providing information to giving feedback to the internship organisation and making follow-up appointments. ROC A12 aims at an annual, quantitative growth of ten percent in our student mobility. This matches the tendency of a growing number of internship applications by students. This application is based on the participation of some 80 students doing an internship abroad. We strive for an equal division of internships for both students across all training courses we offer. Students do their internships abroad at a company or organisation related to their line of business or professional field. They develop new professional competences, gain intercultural knowledge and improve their language skills. Students carry out tasks and activities matching their status as starting professional practitioners. The impact aimed at in this international mobility project boils down to creating flexible, multi-skilled and interculturally competent employees who are able to comunicate in foreign languages; well equipped to operate successfully in a globalising labour market and society. ROC A12 intends to contribute to a quality foundation of skilful employees in the (Eu)region now and in the future. We also aim at making internationalisation easily accessible to all students and we strive towards a high level of internationalisation at our school. Dissemination of results takes place internally for all students and co-workers of ROC A12, externally for the international partners, by means of local and regional press and TV, for regional and national schools we work with, at national professional meetings and networking events. Local and regional sounding boards of education - businesses give us input on labour possibilities. We can inform companies and organisations of our students' international qualities in these platform groups.



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