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Reaching Enhanced Achievement and Learning In Skills for Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Reaching Enhanced Achievement and Learning In Skills for Europe (REALISE) project has been developed to address the identified needs of local communities and individuals. New College Lanarkshire (NCL) serves the most deprived communities in North Lanarkshire and the REALISE project is designed to increase the capacity of people living in these areas.The aim of the REALISE project is to improve the employability of 310 VET students by offering a 2 or 3 week mobility work placement opportunity that meet both their personal and vocational training needs, in line with College, Regional, Scottish Government and EU strategic objectives. It will also support VET staff either as accompanying tutors or on a teaching or training assignment to improve their teaching practice that will enhance their continuous professional development.The main objectives of the REALISE project are:• To enhance the vocational and employability skills of College and UK partner VET students to meet the needs of employers;• To develop the skills of VET staff to ensure the curriculum meets future identified skills gaps;• To ensure the project facilitates access to participants from disadvantaged backgrounds;• To deliver more effective linguistic support to improve the mobility experience;• To work with UK/EU partners on the continual improvement of the mobility experience and validation of learning.The North Lanarkshire region experiences high unemployment and significant levels of deprivation, possessing the second highest percentage of unemployed school leavers (12.9%) in Scotland. The majority of students at NCL are local and suffer from multiple, complex disadvantages and barriers to participation in training and employment; some come from families with generational unemployment; have little or no formal qualifications and have never travelled outside the UK.Through REALISE we can engage those identified as furthest from the labour market and offer them the opportunity to participate in a programme of transnational interventions that will address barriers such as lack of motivation and confidence, rising levels of unemployment among young people and adult workers with low skills.To address these issues, we will work with our 4 UK sport sending partners and 15 EU host partners in Austria, Ireland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Cyprus and Spain, 4 of whom are new and have been identified by staff on mobility training assignments. All of our partners are committed to providing a high quality mobility experience by informing the design and development of training activities, incorporating good practice, arranging placements, accommodation, local transport, cultural visits, supporting accompanying staff and evaluation and dissemination of the project to ensure it meets of the participants.The REALISE programme will cover a broad spectrum of VET areas across most of our faculties and includes Health Care, Childcare, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Make Up, Sport, Football, Rugby, Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycle Maintenance, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Computing.The impact of the mobility actions in the REALISE project will be significant in terms of adding value to the learning experience by providing VET participants the opportunity to access different types of work placements that they would not be able to access in their own region. It will also enable them to enjoy the enriching experience of living in another country and developing their knowledge, skills and competencies.A further impact at a European level is that by working more closely with our sending and host partners to continually improve the mobility experience, we can ensure the desired outcomes for participants in terms of securing employment and that all stakeholders benefit from the project activities.



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