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Reaching disadvantaged members of the Bournemouth community
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mars 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Reaching disadvantaged members of the Bournemouth community"YMCA Bournemouth will recruit a total of 5 EVS volunteers from the following partner organisations:- ASOCIACION BUILDING BRIDGES (Spain)- FEDERATIA YMCA ROMANIA (Romania)- CVJM-Gesamtverband in Deutschland e. V. (Germany)The volunteers will be recruited in Spring 2016 and will begin one year of voluntary service in the UK from September 2016.Objective: To bring fresh ideas to YMCA Bournemouth and reach out to more vulnerable members of our local community.3 Central Themes of the project:- Youth Work- Access for Disadvantaged- DisabilityThe 5 EVS opportunities will cover different areas of interest:1. Youth Action Projects- Activities - support several established youth action volunteering projects for 11-19 year olds- Methods - Youth Work, Youth Action, Campaigning, Facilitation, Project Work, Citizenship2. Informal Youth Work- Activities - informal youth work for 8-19 year olds across 3 YMCA Bournemouth youth centres- Methods - Youth Work, Support, Active Listening Skills, Conversation, Fun Activities3. Events, Marketing & Fundraising Team- Activities - work within our creative marketing team to support the work of YMCA Bournemouth- Methods - Creativity, Design, Event Coordination, Photography, Marketing, Fundraising4. Pastoral Outreach Support Project- Activities - reach out to vulnerable and homeless members of the Bournemouth community- Methods - Outreach, Support, Active Listening Skills, Conversation, Advocacy, People Skills5. The Chatterboxes Disability Youth Project- Activities - the Chatterboxes are aged 11-25 and design a quarterly disability magazine- Methods - Youth Action, Disability Awareness, Advocacy, Design, Support, PromotionImpact: This project will have a positive impact on the 5 EVS volunteers, disadvantaged people in Bournemouth and the wider Bournemouth community. The 5 EVS volunteers will learn new skills, develop existing ones and have an opportunity to design and lead their own activities with staff support. During and after their placement, the volunteers will learn and share knowledge about cultural differences, community work, policies and good practice which will be long-lasting.



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