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Re-visión de la participación
Date du début: 25 août 2015, Date de fin: 24 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

RE-view of participation was a project of youth mobility, which counted with the participation of six organizations and public entities in Portugal, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, Greece and Spain. The project, with a duration of 6 months, held its main activity in the autonomous community of Galicia and brought together 37 young men and 8 responsible for decisions that matter for the youth. During 6 days, participants had the opportunity to put into practice the principles of the structured dialogue through the realization of meetings with leaders of regional, provincial and local politicians. The project was divided into three distinct parts. During the first phase, the cooperation between partners allowed the implementation of a virtual consultation via the internet which pursued answers to the low youth turnout and the adaptation of new forms of participation through social networks. Also he tried to update the opinion of young people with regard to the political class and current concerns. The second part of the project managed to bring together young people from the participating entities and present analysis of the consultation directly to members of Parliament, Councillors, mayors and other representatives of the business, political and social fabric of Galicia. Funtamentalmente dealt with themes related to employability, tolerance, gender equality, as well as other realities which have emerged from the results of the query: euroescepticidad, refugee crisis, youth unemployment... The methodology of work used the non-formal education, workshops in small groups led by facilitators and trainers, encounters type coffee-forum with responsible politicians, round tables with local youth leaders as well as other activities that reflect and assess the acquired learning. The project intended to arouse interest among those responsible for political by new technologies, understand the importance of participating in social networks and decrease the distance between young people and the political class. The end result of the project was the analysis of the results of the survey, the permanence of a strong partnership that continues to participate in both European and local projects and that maintains its links in social networks.



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